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The New York State Department of Health (DOH) issued Dear Adult Care Facility Administrator Letter (DACF) #23-02 on March 29 announcing that adult homes, enriched housing programs, and assisted living residences will have a new electronic Incident Reporting mechanism—the Drupal Survey. The Drupal Survey will replace the previous incident reporting method via the Health Commerce System.

All ACFs will be required to report incidents via the Drupal link as of May 1, 2023. ACF operators and administrators should also update their incident reporting policies and procedures by this date. 

In implementing this change, the DOH also updated its Adult Care Facility Incident Reporting Manual to clarify reporting requirements and formalized the Resident Comment Form (DOH-5789) that requires ACFs to include the resident’s version of events leading up to an accident or incident, unless the resident objects to commenting. 

Despite the change in the reporting mechanism, the DOH advises that there is no change in reporting requirements or what might constitute a reportable incident.

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